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Zipline Roller Coaster

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Illustration for article titled The World’s Longest Zip Line Roller Coaster Looks Terrifyingly Awesome
You still hang from the TreeTop Crazy Rider in a safety harness like you would on a traditional zip line, but instead of gliding along a taut straight cable you actually follow a twisty curvy track that’s suspended—as high as 60-feet in some places—from the very trees you’re whizzing past.

Located just north of Sydney in the Ourimbah State Forest, the one-kilometer run (0.62-miles) is the longest continuous zip line ride in the world, and it takes riders about five minutes to work their way from the beginning to the end. You’ll definitely want to take it all in during your ride, though, because a one-way trip is a hefty $75, not including airfare down under. [TreeTop Crazy Rider via Thrillist via Daily Telegraph]

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