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What can I control in my home with Alexa ? – Home Automation with Voice AI

The 2nd Generation Amazon Echo is amazing.  Apart from getting the weather report, asking to play a quiz, getting songs played on Spotify, you can do so much more like control your home with your voice.  Here are some cool products and ideas of what you can use for Home Automation that is compatible with Amazon Echo Alexa:

Wifi Smart Plug Mini, GMYLE Smart Home Power Control Socket, Remote Control Your Household Equipment from Everywhere, No Hub Required, Compatible with Amazon Echo Alexa, Amazon Echo Dot & Google Home(2 Packs)

Wifi enabled power plugs so that you can control your power from Amazon Echo or Google Home

Available on Amazon via this link for $29.98 for a 2 pack, it’s a great way to begin taking back the power consumption in your house,  therefore, combining these with a service like IFTTT you can configure your power devices to come on at certain times so they are not draining power.  An example, your TV,  in the wee hours of the morning you’re not going to be up watching it so why have it sitting in standby mode.  Have Alexa control when the device has power.  

You could instead look for a power bar or power strip,  some have individual socket controls others are an on / off toggle so do your research before you buy, you can find a selection here.  There are also wall sockets that are compatible now too.   Not sure how these would marry up with the Wifi or if they would need a network cable,  do your research.  House builders may want to consider including these in future projects as Echo and Google Home seem to be the standards for in-house AI control.


Turning up the heat!

Alexa Home Automation AI Wifi enabled Thermostat Alexa Home Automation AI Wifi enabled Thermostat Alexa Home Automation AI Wifi enabled Thermostat

You have seen the houses of the future allowing you to control your temperature in your home with your voice,  well the future is here today with with many thermostats having support for Alexa built in, there are so many and not being an expert on this I will simply tell you its available so consider paying for one that has Alexa / Google Home support.

If your considering selling the home or you are a home builder it would be a great selling point to have the realtor come in with a potential buyer and ask Alexa to change the temperature in the house as well as setting the lighting which I will get to now.  Check out a wide range here.


Setting the mood with lighting.

Alexa Home Automation AI Wifi enabled Light Bulb Alexa Home Automation AI Wifi enabled Light Bulb Alexa Home Automation AI Wifi enabled Light Bulb Alexa Home Automation AI Wifi enabled Light Bulb

There are some variations on the lighting options from WIFI-enabled individual bulbs to network-enabled dimmer switches and toggle switches.    Some LED bulbs can even do a full spectrum of colors.


So that’s it, right?   Temp, lights, and power?  Dream bigger there is more…


Curtains controlled by voice ?! Coffee? Doorbells… Your home automation is here!

Yep,  you can have your Amazon Echo Alexa control your curtains.   I could only find one but its a 5-star rating from Curtain Call: Electric Remote Controlled Drapery System W/8′ Track Center Opening & Ceiling Mount Brackets CL-920A

Its a bit of a cheat as to have Alexa support you need to use an Adapter Cable 1450 and Wemo Smart Plug to have the Alexa support, as a result, how impressive it would be to have Alexa open the curtains in the morning. “Alexa Good Morning” or when you set a morning wake up alarm your room is illuminated by the day’s natural light.

Alexa Controlled Curtains - Electric Remote Controlled Drapery System W/8' Track Center Opening & Ceiling Mount Brackets CL-920A by Curtain Call


Behmor Connected Customizable Temperature Control Coffee Maker, Compatible with Alexa “Alexa puts on some tunes”. The curtains open, your morning playlist from Spotify starts and with a wifi controlled power outlet you can Alexa brew coffee… or you could get the Behmor Connected Customizable Temperature Control Coffee Maker, Compatible with Alexa

“Alexa put on some coffee” and seconds later you a nice pot waiting for you.  All you need to do is pour.

You’re making coffee and expecting company?

Well, the Wifi Doorbell with Alexa support will tell you when the company is here and there are many,  some with Camera options so you can make sure its who you’re expecting,  Check them out here.

Not expecting company?  Then the Alexa Home security will help you feel safe in your home.

the Wifi Doorbell with Alexa support


There’s more?!

If you can think it should be something you can control remotely. There is likely a way to do it with Alexa,  I looked around and found these Alexa Compatible devices as examples.:

Therefore, if you can plug it in you can use Wifi Power to turn it on an off!.  I found a Wifi Enabled Dyson fan but didn’t see Alexa support but with a Wifi enabled Power outlet you can use that too.

In summary:

Dream big and begin converting your home to an automated paradise all controlled with voice control.    Its something any new house being built should include is support for Google Home and/or Amazon Echo‘s Alexa.  I did check the hardware stores in Canada and they are less on the ball them say Best Buys for having the equipment but its coming.

If you are looking for a gift idea for Science Geeks try here.












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