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Sea Of Thieves FAQ: How to equip an emote after purchase I found on an FAQ article: How to equip an emote after purchase

I find visuals help me so taking Game FAQ’s and converting them to instructional videos really is something you all find helpful.

Just purchased your first emote from the Pirate Emporium and are at a loss on how to equip it? Dive Deeper into this support article to learn how to equip it.

First, make sure you are in an active Arena or Adventure session
Head to the Vanity chest, this can be found onboard your ship on the lower decks, or outside of the clothing shop located at every Outpost.
Scroll to the last tab available by pressing RB on the Xbox controller or E on the keyboard
Highlight you’re desired emote you wish to equip
Press Enter on the keyboard or A on the Xbox controller to Equip item
Highlight the emote you wish to replace, and press Enter on the keyboard or A on the Xbox controller to replace and equip your new emote.
Once complete you can bring up the emote radial by pressing Z on the keyboard or down on the Xbox d-pad to bring up the radial menu where you can check out you’re new emote.

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