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A night of playing Sea Of Thieves in pictures…

When you see another boat

Sea of Thieves is one of my favorite games, it’s a wonderful world, its beauty and wonder can have you playing just for the sheer enjoyment of the artistic efforts put into designing the world and the things within it … you can just log in and chill out…  But then you see another boat!!

You think,  Oh shit,  but be cool,  I got this, wonder if they are friendly,  should I engage, chat or just turn tale, up sail and try and outrun the galleon on my sloop????

You decide self-preservation of you and your partner on the sloop is the better choice but then… you realize your crewmate is an idiot!  You should have played a closed crew with someone you know instead of this 15-year old who is an incompetent buffoon.

There is some infighting on the ship and you just look at the jerk and say…

By this time the Galleon has arrived and guess what,  its full of drunken players playing drunken pirates, the night for any serious treasure hunting, animal trapping or bone crunching is over,  you pull out your nice shiny tankard and fill it up and soon after…

As the night goes on you realize that everyone is full of B.S. around you…

You log out and back in and then complete quests upon quests for hours and…


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